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Phil Gordon/Jan Brewer Dance
Written by Element 115
Saturday, 03 December 2011 17:29
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Phil Gordon Jan Brewer Dance EP LabelWhile finishing programming the new Laser Typing project a couple of weeks ago, the phone rang, and a man, asking if he was reaching the Element 115 band, wanted to know if the band would be interested in doing a song that would make the band "famous in Arizona." Now, if one types "Arizona rock bands" or "Phoenix rock bands" into google, it's easy to see how big Element 115 already is in Arizona, nonetheless, Michael listened while Roger Davidson talked about his song called "The Phil Gordon and Jan Brewer Dance." Roger has had this song in his head for about two years, but did not have a recording of the song, nor does he play an instrument to help convey the song's structure. He came to the Ultramedia Studio and be-bopped into a microphone the song structure he had in mind, or at least how a couple of the parts should go, and said, "You all make the song."

From there, Michael and Carla tracked all the instruments and vocals to create this unique song, arranged it in a fun way with our friend André, and produced a mastered copy which has landed on an EP with re-mastered versions of "Seal Of Approval" (the theme of the 99%), Hot Cars, and Warrior. The EP is called "Alien Eye on Politics" and is available through Ultramedia, Phoenix, and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The "Phil Gordon and Jan Brewer Dance" isn't in the "neo-classic rock" category, either. It sort of has funk, pop, or something!

Listen to the song by clicking here!

Tell your friends about the Phil Gordon & Jan Brewer Dance. Heck! Why not make it go viral?

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