Element 115

Phoenix Rock Band Element 115
AL - Drums, Mild Debauchery
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AL looks at the audienceAs an extraterrestrial interested in life-forms on the verge of entering the galactic neighborhood, AL monitors the electro-magnetic spectrum for intelligence the same way humans use the SETI program. He listens for patterns in the randomness of background noise.

One day, he heard some signals from Earth. Being 40 light-years distant, he was hearing the very beginnings of rock 'n roll music, and the Ed Sullivan show. AL was intrigued by the percussion sounds and created a drum set like the one he saw used by the Beatles.

Once AL calculated the distance of Earth, he pointed a tachyon device in Earth's direction and started getting more recent signals. That's when he heard music from the 1980s. He modernized his drum set, and made attempts to communicate with Earth. He wanted to be a drummer in a rock 'n roll band.

Michael, who was constantly running SETI on his Macintosh, heard the signal and started communicating with AL. The rest (as they say) is history.

Element 115 cover"I feel that the humans have so much potential to break their historical self-destructive bent, and become truly enlightened beings", says AL. "It seems that they lack the realization that they, collectively, are the Creator, which limits their potential, and unfortunately, makes them vulnerable to a small group of humans who DO realize it, and that small group does NOT have the best interests of the species at large in mind."

AL has become somewhat endeared of humans, so he participates in the writing of songs which attempt to awaken the masses from their debilitating sleep. Listen closely to the lyrics to comprehend the love AL has for humans, and for the hope he has for the self-instigated rescue of our race. "No one else is going to interfere to save the humans. It is entirely up to you."