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Element 115 to GIVE AWAY millions!
Written by Element 115
Thursday, 26 January 2012 00:00
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As you probably already know, this Phoenix rock band is very much into the metaphysical.

In fact, Carla has been scripting a speaking tour on the topic, she has a book published (see www.SkeletonBoy.com) and the whole band has been exercising the principles with quite a bit of success.


AL with cashThe new album ("Shattered Paradigm" coming out soon) has a track on it called "Lottery" where we ALL WORK TOGETHER on a particular set of numbers in the P*werBall lottery game. The band plays the same set of numbers every week, twice a week. They are 6, 11, 22, 28, 35, and the red ball's 3.

The more of us thinking and manifesting a particular set of numbers, the more likely it is that they will come up. It is a principle of metaphysics. The best part of this is, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY A TICKET TO WIN! You really CAN win even if you don't "play."

We will be GIVING AWAY HALF OF THE NET WINNINGS when these numbers come up. An even split of at least 3 million dollars will be GIVEN to each and every registered Friend Of the Band (F.O.B.) if we are the sole winning ticket holder. How much will each F.O.B. get? That depends on the grand prize for that drawing, the number of winning tickets purchased, and the number of F.O.B.'s registered with Element 115.

If only 500 people are F.O.B.'s and the grand prize is $50 million, the net to the band is 1/3 or approx. $17 million, and half of that, or $8.5 million would be distributed evenly to 500 people, giving each F.O.B. $17,000. That's not a bad deal for costing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to become a Friend Of the Band!

Right now, there are only 65 F.O.B.'s registered. If we win Saturday (with the sole winning ticket), with the grand prize at $146 million, the net take-home would be $48 million, half, or $23 million would be given away, so each F.O.B. would get just over $350,000!

How do you become an F.O.B.? Go to http://www.Element115theBand.com and select "Become an F.O.B." from the main menu.

It's that easy! OH! I forgot to mention that F.O.B.'s get special pricing on select merchandise, they get to preview songs before their release, and will most likely have chances at back-stage passes and such that the average public just won't have access to.

Please help us make this a REALLY BIG event, and get free money besides!

Thanks and best wishes,
Element 115

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