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It's Getting Closer!
Written by Element 115
Sunday, 07 November 2010 18:07
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On November 6th, 2010, the P*werball numbers were amazingly close to the ones in the song "Lottery" that we're all concentrating on throughout the day. With ten new F.O.B.s this week, it appears that the added energy is getting us closer to our goal. Be sure to tell a few friends about this project, and let's awaken the world with the realization that we CAN manifest our own future, a happier future than those who currently control our lives have in mind for us.

Lottery numbers 1106106, 11, 22, 28, 35 and the red ball's 3.

If you're not an F.O.B. yet, be sure to register. You can win if you don't play, but you DO have to let us know how to contact you to give you your CASH!

JWinning Numbers!ust to help visualize the winning combination, here is what the P*werball page will show when we are successful in manifesting the numbers and proving that metaphysical principles can be applied in the 3-D world with tangible results.

Please listen to the rough recording of "Lottery" by logging in with your F.O.B. data, and listening to the song which automatically plays when you log in.

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Written by Element 115
Thursday, 28 October 2010 00:18
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The 2nd album from Element 115, "Shattered Paradigm," is in progress. The band wants to share a pre-release version of the song "Lottery" with you, because we want everyone to be thinking about the numbers in the chorus "6, 11, 22, 28, 35, and the red ball's 3"  so we can prove that we CAN affect our lives utilizing metaphysical principles IN A BIG WAY!

Please share this information with your friends, and have them become F.O.B.s so THEY can get FREE MONEY TOO!

Only F.O.B.s can listen to this pre-release version of the song! This is one of the benefits of being an F.O.B.

Login with your F.O.B. username and password, and you'll be taken to a page with a link you can click to hear the song!

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Interact With Element 115
Written by Element 115
Friday, 22 October 2010 16:31
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Thanks for visiting the site and keeping up with what's happening with the band. We know you have many things to do, and appreciate you taking the time to visit with us.

To talk back and share your views, you can comment on any of the news items. Of course, you DO have to be an F.O.B. (Friend Of the Band) but you already should be if you want a share of the lottery winnings!

At the bottom of each post, there is a little gray box with "Comment" in it. If you've logged in with your F.O.B. login and password, two more small boxes will appear when you click on the "Comment" box. Click on "Add Comment" to share your thoughts with the band and other visitors to the site.

We also appreciate your votes on our POLLS, and coming very shortly (for you F.O.B.s) is a stream of clips from the upcoming album, "Shattered Paradigm."

Neo-classic rock is here to stay, and Element 115 will continue to lead the way.

Best wishes from all of us at Element 115.

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Neo-Classic Rock vs. Neo-Classical
Written by Element 115
Wednesday, 13 October 2010 18:01
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Ever type "neo-classic rock bands" into google? Surprisingly, you'll get many more hits containing "neo-classical" than you will of those containing "neo-classic."

There is a distinct difference, and it is all in the name.

Yngwie MalmsteenMatt MillsNeo-classical music (most often metal rock) incorporates the riffs and scales utilized in classical music. A few examples of neo-classical include Yngwie Malmsteen and Matt Mills. "Shredding" has become the preferred way to play the scales made popular by Beethoven, Bach, Brahms, and other great classical composers, which is pretty much just playing the scales as fast as humanly possible on a guitar. It sounds cool, but gets old rather quickly for most listeners.

Neo-classic rock is, as the name implies, NEW classic rock. Since classic rock by definition is rock from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, new music can't be classified as classic rock. Instead, Element 115 (back in 1995) came up with "neo-classic rock" as the genre of NEW rock songs which incorporate the style, structure, and/or features of classic rock. The group identified those elements to be:

  1. Harmony guitars
  2. Harmony vocals
  3. Keyboard and lead guitar riffs
  4. Meaningful lyrics
  5. and potentially culture-changing content

The leading neo-classic rock show in America is Element 115.

With a plethora of television commercials using classic rock, toys such as RockBand and GuitarHero using classic rock, and with multiple stations in every major metropolitan area of the country playing classic rock, it is obviously still a viable and marketable style. Why is this new music being rejected by the movers and shakers of the industry? Is it just too easy to buy a pre-recorded track and rap to it?  Is it much easier to find and produce one clone after another than to find and promote a group of people who play instruments and sing melodies and harmonies?

On the other hand, when a group actually does have that kind of talent, and does put out an album of such songs, are we doing all we can to show our appreciation for such a product? The products in the marketplace are only changed by our spending habits.

NickelbackDaughtryFor fans of Nickelback or Daughtry,, to get more of that quality and style of music, please support others doing their best to bring more neo-classic rock your way.

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AL Visits Phoenix?
Written by Mr. Satire
Friday, 08 October 2010 16:16
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Strange Storm Cell Over PhoenixDid AL "peel out" of Phoenix leaving a trail of ice and winds behind?

The bizarre storm that went through Phoenix on October 5th, 2010, left hail as large as baseballs in some areas of the valley. With entire blocks with plywood now covering their front windows, and auto body shops busier than a Forengi on Halloween, damage repair is the main thought on many minds.

What could have caused such an unusual storm cell? Several in the UFO community think a massive ship passed over the city. Pictures would agree, that the clouds do look like something out of "Independence Day." When questioned if he was responsible, AL from Element 115 indicated that he was actually visiting Tau Ceti, home of the ancestors of Jerry Wills.

Source of Storm?Investigations here on Earth reveal another possibility of the source for such a damaging storm. When following the question of who could benefit from such an event, another possibility entered the consciousness. One thing is for sure, it wasn't the insurance companies!


Photos courtesy André © 2010

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