Element 115 the Band

The world’s first rock band with an ET Drummer!

Element 115 began in 2005 with AL using his fingers as drumsticks showing up by projector and screen with Michael on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Carla on bass and vocals, and Kevin on keyboards and vocals. Michael, a 3D animator for Macromedia, hand animated AL’s movements, and it took a LONG time for AL to learn a song!

Then, Michael got the crazy idea to write a MIDI-to-animation convertor, allowing Michael to play the drums to a song once in his studio, and AL being able to play it just a minute later perfectly! AL then got a new double-kick drum set and he was very happy.

Next, AL got upgraded to nine 27″ TV sets, and Carla was no longer throwing a shadow onto AL’s groove.

Then came the big jump to a plasma video wall with nine 43″ screens. AL hit the big time with this set up!

FOX 10 showed up at our gig at the Marquee Theater and did a great 7 minute promo on the band!

Then, the band got invited to open for Alan Parsons & War at the 2007 Roswell UFO Festival. That was HUGE! Jess was added as a full-time member that year, and a 14 year-old rock star was born.

Davo girl from Deep Space 9, Chase Masterson sang a song with us.

The band recorded their only album “Element 115” and did a CD release concert at Club Red in Tempe, Arizona.

Jess, being a guitarist and keyboardist, allowed Kev to retire, and the band was brought back to Roswell in 2008 to headline the UFO Festival! It was even LIVE-STREAMED around the world.

Even Germany’s famous performer NINA sang a song with us!

We came back for another show in Roswell just a month later…

In 2008 we did shows at El Paso, Las Cruces, and other SW venues.

Back in Phoenix in 2009, we did a show at the best club in town, the Sky Lounge.

In 2010, Michael received an award for musical technology at the Phoenix Night Club Performers’ Hall of Fame, and the band played there at Eli’s in Scottsdale.

Element 115 then went on hiatus, as Michael & Carla moved to Sedona, and Jess became about the biggest audio/video engineer in Phoenix on his own.

The next appearance of the band happened in 2021 at the Sedona UFO Sightings Conference with AL’s new video wall consisting of four 65″ LED displays!

The band has videos up on YouTube on their own YouTube page!